Welcome to this our special Book of Remembrance, this area is specially designed to allow you to Post your thoughts of Remembrance and Condolence. We have Lost so many to the Green Field’s, some of them a long time ago, but some very recent, I will update as and when needed. Please feel free to enter your comments below and remember to Subscribe to be kept informed and updated of any new entries. FN. Wolfie.

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WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
12/04/2021 12:11

RIP my ole Mate, you will never be forgotten, we will miss your sense of humour and your big smile, FN. Wolfie

Ray & Little Willie.jpg
Alex McCallum
Reply to  WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
07/05/2021 09:56

RIP Ray I was honoured to know you.
Fare ye well in the Greenfields. I’ll see you again at the Branch Meeting.

Bob Swiniarski
11/05/2021 18:09

RIP Ray, I was lucky to know you for 10years, always smiling and joking at branch meetings, never missed our trips away to Bournemouth, Hayling island, Theatre trip and lunch, always asking to do extra trips. You will be missed at branch meetings..

Kazz Gash
10/05/2021 17:54

Ray was one of the best and kindest gentleman you could possibly meet, he would gladly give you his last penny if it would help and he would often come over for a Sunday roast and would gladly help or give advice if asked, he most certainly helped me.
so his to you Ray and may you never be forgotten so RIP

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Jimmy Allan
07/05/2021 14:06

RIP Ray another true Tankie and gentleman. Enjoy the other many of your colleagues in the tankies tavern

Mel Swan
07/05/2021 13:07


Phil Burton
07/05/2021 12:14

Ray was allways a true gentleman and is missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him.R.I.P old soldier until we meet in the Tankies Tavern.FN.

Mick Wilby
07/05/2021 11:53

R.I.P Ray. It was an honour and privilege to know you.
Rest easy in the Green Fields.
See you in the bar.
Mick Wilby.

Keith Relph
07/05/2021 09:27

An honour to know you Ray ,rest in peace old friend

Keith Relph
07/05/2021 09:26

Rest in peace Ray ,was an honour to know you sir

Alan Glanville
15/04/2021 16:19

You have left a large void in the lives of everybody that knew you Ray, a very sad day with your loss. The Green Fields await..FN
Alan and Paula

Roy Hill
15/04/2021 14:26

The world is a poorer place after Ray’s passing to The Green Fields. RIP Ray.

Micky Flude
10/03/2021 14:59

I think of all these wonderfully guys ,fellow tankies ,once in always in, memory’s,service for queen & country laughs ,tears,bloody hard times,wonderfull times,fantastic mates ,bravery, idiots L.O.L. bless you lads,WE WILL ALL MEET IN GREEN FIELDS WHEN OUR TIME COMES ,AGAIN ALL TANKIES TOGETHER.


WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
10/03/2021 10:58

RIP Adrian, you will be missed, especially that Smile of Yours, your Stag is over Matey, FN. Adrian Mason.

Adrian Mason.jpg
WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
01/02/2021 15:39

Sadly another Tankie, Bob Peebles, has Passed, he tried to fight of Covid, but sadly lost, and shortly after, his Wife also passed from Covid, RIP Bob & Mrs P, FN. Wolfie.
Please visit Tribute page and leave your Personal Message 🙂

Bob Peebles RIP.jpg
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Leslie Meakin
01/02/2021 11:40

RIP Robbie gash (son of dickie gash)

Leslie Meakin
01/02/2021 11:38

RIP SGT Pebbles FN

Leslie Meakin
01/02/2021 11:37

RIP bonnie FN

WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
01/02/2021 10:33

RIP Bonnie, sadly you lost your Battle with the “C” word, Gone but Never Forgotten. FN.
Please visit the Tributes page to leave your personal messages 🙂

Neil Tyler.jpg
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Mick Mcvey
17/01/2021 02:43

Barney Beddows much loved friend from Nottingham Civ Div. Miss you buddy mmcvey2501@gmail.com

Mick Mcvey
17/01/2021 02:42

A dear ex army friend. We didn’t meet up till we had joined Civ Div. We laughed soooo much. Nutter!

Leslie Meakin
07/01/2021 11:20

RIP fred

Kathleen Turner
03/01/2021 18:43

R.I.P.Fred God bless and keep you safe 🙏

Stephen Whiting
31/12/2020 22:23

RIP Fred, you’ll be joining some great guys up there :-(.

Alan Hill
31/12/2020 14:56


David Barnes
31/12/2020 12:37

R.I.P. Fred FN

Gary Phillips
31/12/2020 12:36

RIP Fred to the Green Fields , Fear Naught we will all meet up one day.

WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
31/12/2020 12:04

Sadly we have lost another Tankie Legend, FRED BONE, Fred passed away on the 9th of Dec, and his Service took place on the 30th, another sad day for us Tankies, RIP Fred, Never Forgotten.

Fred Bone.jpg
Paul Stow
Reply to  WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
31/12/2020 16:01

RIP Fred, first met Fred in Hohne a true gentleman.

Steve Constable
Reply to  WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
17/01/2021 12:55

RIP Fred.

Robin Waters
17/12/2020 18:56

Stag on Barnie 👊

WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
17/12/2020 14:34

Well Ladies and Gents, I have had a notice about another Tankie that passed back in 2008, BARNIE BEDDOWS, sadly had a Motor Bike accident, and never recovered. Barney was 2 RTR and also 1 RTR, was E SQN back in 1996. RIP Barney FN

Philip Green
03/12/2020 08:18

Just a reminder that Killer Kilbride and Charlie Welchman (SSMs of Ajax, c.’71-’73 & Badger, c. ’74-’76) go to the Green Fields @ 14:00, today, 3rd December. RIP and Fear Naught.

Paul Green
24/11/2020 04:46

R.I.P. Charlie. Remember Charlie from Hohne he was always smiling and a great troop Sgt .

Colin Jeffrey
23/11/2020 14:26

RIP Charlie. I shall always remember you

Jimmy Allan
23/11/2020 14:04

So my former SSM Badger and long term friend John Charlie Welchman has departed to the Green Fields. I can only say I will miss his regular chatty and sometimes cheeky phone calls and the laughs we had together over many years at many of the reunions where we met up. I’m only sorry that we didn’t meet up more often in between. In recent months I was able to meet Charlie’s wife Maureen and Son Gary and hopefully at some time in the future I’ll be able to meet his daughter Tracy but equally I know how much his family loved him and were with him to the end, so on behalf of Martha and I, we are saddened to be saying goodbye to a wonderful man and close friend. Farewell Charlie no more pain may you Rest In Peace.

WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
Reply to  Jimmy Allan
23/11/2020 23:32

RIP Charlie, your Stag is over 😇

Charlie Welchman
Gary Phillips
Reply to  WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
24/11/2020 18:43

RIP Charlie , great to have met and known you .

Robert Mitchell
Reply to  WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
10/10/2021 21:14


Leslie Meakin
23/11/2020 13:51


Leslie Meakin
22/11/2020 21:32


Jimmy Allan
22/11/2020 21:17

John “Charlie” Welchman. I have been asked by Charlie’s son Gary to advise you all that Charlie passed away peacefully at home this evening with his family around him. There are no more details at this sad news so please join me in remembering Charlie and passing on our sincere condolences to the Family. I will copy this on 2nd Helpings and my own FB page to reach everyone.

Paul Magrath
22/11/2020 06:17


Gerry Clark
21/11/2020 07:09

RIP Alan, Gone but Never Forgotten

Paul Green
20/11/2020 16:40

I knew Alan Kilbride as my Troop Sgt 3 troop Ajax,he was promoted to Staff Sgt to become SQMS . He taught me a lot and had full respect from me . R.I.P. Alan one day we will meet again in The Tavern. Fear Naught

WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
20/11/2020 10:37

RIP,Sadly we have lost another Legend of a Tankie, Yesterday morning the 19th, ALAN KILBRIDE passed to the Green Fields, this is the info from his family ::  Yes Dad had lived in Maidstone since 1974 after finishing in the army careers office. 
He’s fought a long battle against a few illnesses including dementia. But his memories of the army never went. It was always something we could talk to him about. Although the years he would constantly talk about his army days as they were the best years of his and our lives. 
I have spoken with the chairman of the Medway RTR association and they are kindly putting together a guard of honour and standard bearer for the funeral. So we will be sending him off Tankie style. He would be overwhelmed. The funeral is to be held on the 3rd December 2pm at Vinters crematorium Maidstone. 
Rest Easy Alan, FN. Wolfie

Alan Kilbride
Carl Jenkin
Reply to  WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
20/11/2020 13:08

RIP Alan, until we met in the Tankies Tavern. FN

David Ellis
Reply to  WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
21/11/2020 15:55


Jimmy Allan
Reply to  WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
22/11/2020 11:00

More sad news as we reach the end of a very bad year. RIP Alan. May I ask if there will be a webcast of Alan’s funeral service?

WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
Reply to  Jimmy Allan
22/11/2020 12:02

Morning Jimmy, I have no info ref Video Service, but as the RTRA Medway is going to be there, ie Roy Hill, hopefully he can supply info, or if you want to talk to Patricia personally, I have her email. Thanks Jimmy. FN

Peter Barratt
Reply to  WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
04/03/2021 15:53

My very first Troop leader in Hohne along with Eddie Johnson as Tp Sgt and Roger Barrett as Tp Cpl. What a decent human being, never forgotten Alan🥃🥃

Robert Mitchell
Reply to  WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
10/10/2021 21:14


Leslie Meakin
20/11/2020 09:27


17/11/2020 19:42

Reg at his wedding

WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
Reply to 
17/11/2020 20:27

Thanks Doreen, please send me a copy by email, so I can edit it, so it’s just Reg, and then I will find out where, when and how he passed. Many Thanks. Wolfie.

Leslie Meakin
17/11/2020 19:38

Rip Keith

Leslie Meakin
17/11/2020 19:38

Rip john

17/11/2020 19:37

Sending photo of reg if Any good not a very good photo but was when he married cath

Robert Mitchell
17/11/2020 08:22

This thread is sad and definitely hard to read and view but so so prevalent.
Admin, you should be so proud of what you’ve achieved, a stunning memorial to brothers who ultimately gave all ….. RIP … FN

Lynn Jenkin
16/11/2020 19:37

Condolences to John’s Family at such a sad time.May John rest peacefully.RESPECT

Leslie Meakin
15/11/2020 13:33


Doreen Hepworth
15/11/2020 13:29

So many people gone. Some not much of an age, this is well set out rip to the last one that has gone.

WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
15/11/2020 12:28

Sadly Gents, we have lost another Tankie, on the 12th of Nov 2020, Keith Newman, former member of 2 RTR. 1969 / 1970 Nero, Keith Newman was a clerk in Omagh, Perham Down and Hohne before rebadging and moving to pastures new.RIP Keith. FN.

Keith Newman.jpg
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Alan Donovan
Reply to  WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
15/11/2020 14:49

R I P Keith rest quietly

Natasha Whitbread
Reply to  WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
15/11/2020 20:34

Rip x

Alan Donovan
13/11/2020 19:33

R I P John