Rest In Peace

Mark (Titch) Evans

until we meet again in the Tankie's Tavern.

Fear Naught

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WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
05/05/2021 15:45

RIP Titch, rest easy in the Green Fields matey, your in good company, see you when I arrive :)) FN. Wolfie.

Ginge Whiting
06/05/2021 21:49

I was friends with Mark in Hohne both in Cyclops and then we worked together in the Officers Mess at Bredebeck in Hohne. In the squadron, Mark had acquired a cheap photographic enlarger, so we used to make enlargements from the guy’s negatives for a small fee. Well, we didn’t earn much in those days! When we moved back to the UK after Hohne, I stayed with Cyclops and Mark went to the officer’s mess at Bovington. We lost touch with each other then.

Many years later, around 16 years ago I lived in Huddersfield when I met a French lady online who lived in West London. Eventually, we decided to meet in person and it was decided that we should meet at her friend’s house in Hamm. I drove down to Hamm and knocked on the door which was then opened by the husband of her friend. His face looked at mine in total astonishment (I’m quite used to that LOL). He then managed to open his mouth and say “I know you, aren’t you Ginge Whiting?”, which of course I am! He then identified himself as Mark Evans and now his nickname of titch would be totally irrelevant! Much to the bemusement of the woman I had come to meet we spent all the time recalling our days at Hohne and poured through his extensive photo collection.

By this time Mark had retired from his job as an Art Teacher due to ill health and became an artist selling his artwork wherever he could. Unfortunately, Mark had Congenital heart disease and spent the rest of his years in and out of hospital until the last couple of years when he developed other problems where he also caught Covid whilst in hospital, which he did recover from, but his other ailments are causing him great pain and distress. He was in and out of care homes until he finally decided to come home. He was in great pain and eventually died at home with his wife Eman.

As I used to live very close to Emans parents I become close to her family as well. I am in contact with Eman and she is extremely overwhelmed that people have remembered Mark and she would like to thank you all, especially the story from Brian Dillon. Eman had heard the story many times, but not who was with him.

Rest in Eternal Peace Mark ‘Titch’ Evans. You are now in great company, and eventually, all of us that are left will join you.

Brian Dillon
06/05/2021 16:55

Tich and I went out on the town in Silberhutte one night had a few beers on the way back outside the guardroom we came across a fox that had been hit by a car it was still alive so we decided to stroke it, whereupon it bit me on the hand and tich’s on the knee we spent the next two weeks in hospital having rabies jabs in the stomach muscles (14) in all there were quite a few laughs had by the two of us during that time too many to repeat here especially the trip in the ambulance.
Sad to hear his passing my condolences to his family he will be in great company in the green fields RIP tich.

WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
Reply to  Brian Dillon
06/05/2021 17:34

Thanks Brian, I will pass this story on to his wife, via Ginge Whiting, all the best. Wolfie.

Bernard White
06/05/2021 13:07

Titch an Unknown M.I.B Brother to me nonetheless I offer my sincere condolences to all Family, and Friends at this sad time.
R.I.P Titch,duty done ,fall out.F.N

Micky Flude
05/05/2021 19:19

Bless you Titch ,sleep my fellow TANKIE ,we will all be together again when our time comes.

Carl Jenkin
05/05/2021 17:48

So sorry to hear about Titch, To the green field. FN