Mobility Aids

Listed here are just a few of the items that have been kindly donated and which are available upon request. To expand and see each item in the list just ‘click’ on the + sign. All items are “FREE” so just ask via the Comments section below..

AJAX couriers can be used if needed to pick up and deliver, even though some can be posted, all we ask is a small donation to 2nd Helping’s to help cover the costs of Transportation and Courier costs.

If you would like  to ask for any of the items listed please, in the first instance enter your needs in the Comments below and you will be contacted in due course.

Fold Away Mobility Scooter Donated by Alan Donavan

Fold away Scooter Red and Black, 3mph, Lives in Norfolk at the moment.

Electric Wheelchair Donated by Tiny Hodgkinson

Electric Wheelchair, lives in Towcester, Donated by Tiny Hodgkinson, and he can be delivered by Tuffnells parcel delivery service.

Black Wheelchair Donated by Cory Brown

Brand new Black Wheelchair, Donated by Cory Brown. Currently residing in Ipswich.


Blue Tripod Walker Frame Donated by Mel Swan

A Blue Tripod Walker Frame, Lives in Swanley Kent, Donated by Mel Swan.

Red Mobility Scooter Donated by Len Eaton

A 6 MPH Red Scooter, Lives in Croydon at the moment, Donated by Len Eaton

Various Mobility Aids Donated by Timmy Timmis

A Snug Body Bag for wheel chair users.

A Sheepskin Insert for covering Wheel chair seat.

A waterproof Seat cushion for Wheelchair users.

A 4 Wheel Tea Trolley (Cream)

A 4 wheeled walker with seat and Brakes.

A tripod walker with hand grip and 4 Rubber feet (Grey)

Timmy will deliver these items, if the new owner is in and around the Folkstone area.

Electric Recliner Chair Donated by Frank Stockdale

Electric Recliner Chair residing in Cranbrook Kent 

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WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
12/09/2021 16:51

Another Scooter Donated by Alf Badgery and his boss, now on its way to Ajax HQ 🙂

WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
12/09/2021 14:23

Another Scooter, kindly donated by Mouse Mick Patey. This is in Walsall at the moment.

WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
Reply to  WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
14/09/2021 10:12

This scooter donated by Mouse, is now going to Budgie’s sister (Dorothea) 14/09/21

WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
28/06/2021 10:07

The 4 Wheeled Walker from Timmy is now going to George Smith ex 4 and 7 RTR. 🙂

Kazz Gash
10/05/2021 17:48

Just like to give a huge thank you on behalf of dick Gash for the scooter received so he can get out again as he can no longer drive due to poor health.
I hopefully will also be getting scooter soon but needs to be so I just press a button and folds it’s self so I can put it in our porch, as my health is also rapidly going down hill and I need to try and keep up with dad and start racing him in the scooter grandprix lol
So thanks so much Wolfie for your generousety

WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
24/03/2021 09:36

The Electric Wheelchair is out on loan at the moment, Thanks to Tiny 🤗 24th Mar 2021.

Last edited 6 months ago by WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
Robert Stewardson
29/01/2021 07:16

The red and black scooter donated by Alan Donovan is no longer needed. Having had a crap year in 2020 with a hip infection, my right hip replaced twice I have luckily come out the other side and am now fully mobile. The scooter is now under dust sheets in my garage. 12 miles north of Norwich. If anyone needs it,then COVID rules permitting I can assist with; delivery. Touchwood out.

WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
Reply to  Robert Stewardson
29/01/2021 10:19

Thanks Touchwood, glad your back on your feet :)) I have you scooter on top of the list, so hopefully we can pass it on ASAP :)) FN. Wolfie

Morag Mulligan
18/01/2021 15:40

Is it possible for Alistair to have the wheelchair cosy bag

WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
Reply to  Morag Mulligan
18/01/2021 15:50

Hi Morag, of course he can, I will get it sorted :)) X

WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
10/12/2020 11:42

The Red scooter has found a new home, going to Mel Swan 🤓

WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
Reply to  WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
12/03/2021 11:59

This scooter is now available, as Mel has been “Mended” :))

WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
Reply to  WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
02/04/2021 14:21

Red Scooter now has a new Home in Doncaster, Mr Joffre Sprakes :))