'to the green fields'

Welcome to this Tribute and Respect section of the 2nd Helping’s, as you can see from the Photo’s below, we have Lost so many to the Green Field’s, some of them a long time ago, but some very recent, I will update as and when needed, but if you see a Tankie who is missing, please pass over his details to either Peter or myself, and we will add and update, of course a Photo would be very helpful, and any other details you know, we have approx. 125 MIB on this List, I know we are missing at least another 50, but until we get the information or are told about them, we cannot add, and of course we would need the permission of the Family. Please place your pointer / Mouse on the photo, and the name will appear. I am still using the list on FB, and at some time will bring that over, so it’s all on one site, with the help of Peter. FN. Wolfie.

Please ‘click’ on any photograph to visit 2nd Helpings Book of Remembrance or Personal Tributes