Alan Kilbride

Rest In Peace

Alan Kilbride

until we meet again in the Tankie's Tavern

Fear Naught

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WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
08/12/2020 12:47

Here is a photo of the Order Of Service for Alan, sent to me by his Daughter (Patricia) she is also sharing any donations that she receives, between RBL and Us, Thankyou. FN.

Paul Magrath
22/11/2020 06:17


Gerry Clark
21/11/2020 07:09

RIP Alan, Gone but Never Forgotten

WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
Reply to  Gerry Clark
22/11/2020 12:02

Morning Jimmy, I have no info ref Video Service, but as the RTRA Medway is going to be there, ie Roy Hill, hopefully he can supply info, or if you want to talk to Patricia personally, I have her email. Thanks Jimmy. FN

Paul Green
20/11/2020 16:40

I knew Alan Kilbride as my Troop Sgt 3 troop Ajax,he was promoted to Staff Sgt to become SQMS . He taught me a lot and had full respect from me . R.I.P. Alan one day we will meet again in The Tavern. Fear Naught

WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
20/11/2020 10:37

RIP,Sadly we have lost another Legend of a Tankie, Yesterday morning the 19th, ALAN KILBRIDE passed to the Green Fields, this is the info from his family ::  Yes Dad had lived in Maidstone since 1974 after finishing in the army careers office. 
He’s fought a long battle against a few illnesses including dementia. But his memories of the army never went. It was always something we could talk to him about. Although the years he would constantly talk about his army days as they were the best years of his and our lives. 
I have spoken with the chairman of the Medway RTR association and they are kindly putting together a guard of honour and standard bearer for the funeral. So we will be sending him off Tankie style. He would be overwhelmed. The funeral is to be held on the 3rd December 2pm at Vinters crematorium Maidstone. 
Rest Easy Alan, FN. Wolfie

Carl Jenkin
Reply to  WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
20/11/2020 13:08

RIP Alan, until we met in the Tankies Tavern. FN

David Ellis
Reply to  WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
21/11/2020 15:55


Jimmy Allan
Reply to  WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
22/11/2020 11:00

More sad news as we reach the end of a very bad year. RIP Alan. May I ask if there will be a webcast of Alan’s funeral service?