Rest In Peace

Bill Bromilow

until we meet again in the Tankie's Tavern.

Fear Naught

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WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
04/04/2021 14:11

Another Great Tankie has passed this morning, Sincere Condolences to Shirley and Family RIP Bill.

Bob Swiniarski
09/04/2021 09:57

RIP Bill FN,

Michael Beastall
07/04/2021 21:56

RIP Bill , FN

David Springett
06/04/2021 13:49

My condolences to Bill’s family he will be in excellent company in that safe harbour, until we meet again FN RIP

Bob Briggsu
05/04/2021 03:51

What a sadLoss. Bill you were a good mate and neighbour in PB Munster. Had a few good piss ups.
FN Bill your Stag in over.

Jimmy Allan
04/04/2021 23:29

Bill Bromilow was one of the nicest, kindness tankies I have ever known. Very saddened to learn of his passing RIP Bill – sincere condolences to the family.

Steve Randall
04/04/2021 22:28

RIP Bill, another great tankie.Until we meet again in the green fields.condolences to your family FN

Gary Webb
04/04/2021 22:25

RIP Bill, another sad loss indeed, FN

Chris Berry
04/04/2021 19:16

Bill Bromilow, diamond of a Tankie. Take care Bill

Trevor Euesden
04/04/2021 16:30

R I P bill FN

Micky Flude
04/04/2021 15:19

Bless you Bill another sad loss of a fellow TANKIE.

Peter Puddifoot
04/04/2021 14:35

Rest in Peace Bill, condolences to Shirley and family at this very sad time. Fear NAUGHT.

Andrew Spike Mulligan
04/04/2021 12:26

RIP to Bill Bromilow another sad loss Morag and my sincere condolences to Shirley and family and friends