Rest In Peace

Ken Harber

until we meet again in the Tankie's Tavern.

Fear Naught

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WOLFIE ( Kevan Howard) Beerling
18/06/2021 17:31

Your Stag is over Ken, so put your feet up in the Tavern, and RIP with all your MIB mates in the Green Fields, FN Wolfie.

Bob Swiniarski
07/07/2021 12:22

RIP Ken,

Jimmy Allan
04/07/2021 09:22

Following Ken’s passing of which we are all saddened with, I look back at some of the happier times with Ken being on one of the KAPE tours with him where we had some laughs together with his dry sense of humour. Another funny time was at Bovvy in the small NAAFI bar where Ken, George Thornwaite, Johnny Yarwood, Joe ??? Chippy Wood (17/21 Lancers) decided to stand along the length of the bar dropping their trousers & pants to their ankles to a new female member of the bar staff whilst ordering a round of drinks. Ken came back and sat down with me with his usual wry smile and said “I think we’ve given her a bit of a shock Jimmy” I replied you buggers you even gave me a bloody shock as none of us onlookers thought they were going to do that. it was good in Munster as well with Ken behind the bar always happy jovial with everyone. In closing I am so grateful and honored for Ken’s daughter Lisa for giving me an invite to his funeral on Wednesday 7/7 . RIP Ken your stag is over until we meet again in the Tankies Tavern.

Gerry Clark
19/06/2021 09:39

So sad to hear this news, Ken was a top man we had many drinks together. I remember cooking a BBQ for him in Peterbusher. RIP Ken Gone But Never Forgotten

Mel Swan
18/06/2021 22:06

RIP Ken. FN my friend.🥃👍

Steve Bagshaw
18/06/2021 21:35

Ken took me under his wing when I first joined the 2nd. We were in radio trp in Bovvy. He helped me a lot, remained friends un til I left the Regt and only caught up again at my 1st attendance at the Peterborough reunion. Kept in touch ever since. I will miss the old boy. RIP Ken see you in the Tavern, this time it’s your round. Fear Naught. Taff

Frank Kemp
18/06/2021 21:20

So so sad to read this news.We had a good few beers around the smoker fires Ken. Condolences to your family. Until we meet again my friend, Rest in Peace in the green fields. Fear Naught

Paul Green
18/06/2021 19:45

Another true Tankie lost to the tank park in the sky Fear Naught old mate you will be missed by many who knew you. R.I.P.

Jimmy Allan
18/06/2021 19:04

So sad to learn of Ken’s passing, a long time friend and colleague in Wheel Troop at Bovvy and when he was behind the bar in Munster. He always called in to see me and Martha at Northampton when he was on his way home to Peterborough. Cant believe he’s gone. RIP my friend sincere condolences to the family. Fear Naught

Ginge Whiting
18/06/2021 19:02

Another great character joining the bar queue at the Tankies Tavern! I remember Ken very well and sad to hear the bad news. Rest in eternal peace Ken.

Carl Jenkin
18/06/2021 18:35

Rest In Peace Ken, until we meet again in the Tankie’s Tavern. Fear Naught

Leslie Meakin
18/06/2021 18:24

R I P ken hopefully meet you in the green fields

Terry Smith
18/06/2021 18:22

RIP ken see you in the talkies tavern one day FN

Roy Hill
18/06/2021 18:07

Rest in Peace, Ken.

Colin Locke
18/06/2021 17:53

So sorry to hear about my old mate Ken RIP old friend your duty is done will meet again in the tavern. Sincere condolences to your family FN

Peter Puddifoot
18/06/2021 17:38

RIP Ken it was good to have known you, until we meet in the Tankie’s Tavern have one for me while you wait. FN